Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to gather, put aside their differences, and focus on the happiness of two people united in love and their new chapter in life. As parents, we can only hope the nervous bride and groom can focus on the service enough to get anything out of its message. The Pastor gave some very important messages for any of us striving for a successful and lasting relationship.

People often view their partner as the missing piece needed to make them whole. We cannot view ourselves as an incomplete puzzle with our partner as…

It is a shame there is a stigma attached to depression as being a form of weakness. As long as there is such a resistance in broaching the subject and bringing it out into the open, a great number of people shall continue to suffer, far more than we may realize. There is usually little hesitation to go to a doctor for a physical ailment, yet observe any group gathering and often the topics of conversation are health issues. Yet rarely do you hear people answering the question “How are you feeling” with anything other than the usual “I’m fine”.

Mung Beans

“What a rich book might be made about buds and, perhaps, sprouts!”
Author: Henry David Thoreau

Food in its natural form can be a fascinating thing. They often say the shape of some foods resembles the very bodily system it is known to be good for. Sprouts are life, they are living food. They are high in vitality to give you the energy you need.

Many of us have concerns about the possible lack of freshness and nutritional quality of grocery store produce. Especially in the off-season, we aren’t sure how far the food has traveled and what…

The terms moisturizing and hydration are used interchangeably but they are not actually the same thing. Normally, when people have dry skin they go out and purchase a lotion and think little else about it. We reach for a cream or lotion to moisturize our dry skin without really thinking about what the purpose is for each of the ingredients. A bit more observation of what is on the store shelves brings us to the assortment of body butters and balms. The butters are advertised as containing the ultimate moisturizers for baby soft skin. So what is the difference and…


As pure and gentle as the petal of a rose,

As harsh and sharp as the venom of a thorn.

So easy to hurt, to prick one’s tender soul

The rose has a pull over us that draws us close to touch, sniff and revel in the velvet softness of its petals.Wandering through a rose garden can take both men and women down a path of nostalgia as they recall memories of special people in their lives.
The rose is the one flower most steeped in legend as the flower of love.
“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language…

What do you do when a kitten on the brink of death is brought to your door by a neighbor child who found him alongside the road in the gutter and whose parents instructed her to get rid of it?

Feeling terrible not only for the poor cat but for the distraught little girl who didn’t know what to do, we said he could stay .

Let’s go back years ago to 1997 and so we began a real education on the importance of vaccination as well as the limitations.

Oliver came to us in pretty poor shape. He was…

stacy whalen

Owner of Meadow Muffin Gardens, an online site for holistic, natural body care products. Into the love of pets, plants, books, needlework, music, dance, yoga

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